Longview Capital Corporation is a four bank holding company that is closely held, whose mission is to serve the rural areas of central Illinois and West Central Indiana. It is our belief that the financial security of the residents of this highly productive agricultural area is an important part of the democratic form of government that we in America enjoy.

Our goal is to furnish the financial support that is needed to help these family operated units of production survive the cycling economic conditions of the United States of America and more recently the cycling economic conditions of the world.

We believe that the individual proprietorship exemplified by these producers is an important part of American heritage that should be saved for generations to come. We know that the social and economic influence from this kind of agricultural structure will support small towns, local government, schools, and related business giving the residents a quality of life envied by all.

One of the challenges for us is to help these viable operating units be transferred from generation to generation in a fashion that is fair to both the retiring generation and the emerging generation. Federal and State tax laws and the inflationary nature of the United States economy make transfer of these units more and more difficult. We hope that our Loan and Trust Departments can be a service that can be of assistance when needed.

We believe in the citizens of the rural areas of the Midwest and we want to be a part of their future.

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